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My current H1B is valid till October 2018 but the stamp on my passport is of my previous company. I had filled the application online in July 2017 and was eligible for drop box. Will there be issues due to the long time difference between when I applied for drop box and when I will be going to India.
A similar result might occur if you had recently been convicted of a crime. To be considered a manager, you must have a high-level position in the company organizational chart and you must have the duties matching your high-level position. Typically, L1A managers must exercise discretion over day to day operations and must supervise other supervisory employees, i.e., you must be the boss of another boss. You can qualify for the L1A if at least half or more of your work time will be spent on managerial duties. In other words, your primary job duties must be managerial even if you do have some less prominent duties which are non-managerial.
When your maximum time is up, you can explore other options, which can also lead to a permanent stay in the US. The L-1B visa is thus given to people whose company can prove that they are indispensable to company functions. If the person must report and is supervised directly by another person, with the exception of stakeholders and the board of directors, then they do not meet the criteria of being an executive. An example of an executive is the Chief Executive Officer of a company. Managers must have e certain degree of control and power over the company and its decisions to be able to qualify for an L1A visa for transferring to the US.
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Numpy has a lot of additional functionality that list doesn’t offer; for instance, a lot of things can be automated in Numpy. Applying for L2 Visa for Spouse and Children is a straightforward process and requires a number of documents. If the US company is a large, established company, a business plan should still be included, but need not be as detailed. The L1 visa is only for intracompany transfers to the US from an overseas affiliated company. The home company, as well as the employee, can have any nationality. The employee must have worked for the home company abroad continuously for one year within the preceding three years.
I’m wondering if anyone can give me any advice on what to expect for questions from the officer when I attend my interview please? Just trying to prep some answers mentally prior to the interview. The L1 visa holders can bring their spouse to the country through the L2 visa as explained above. The L2 visa holds several benefits and the application should not have much trouble. First, you need to ask your employer to sponsor you in your green card application.
You need to etch out the details of your job responsibilities and roles to the immigration officer. Mention the name of your current organization to the immigration officer. Provide your passport and immigration documents to the immigration officer.
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